So lately, I have been busy training over 200 people on how to create their amazing websites without coding, but over the weekend, I decided to see a movie.

This movie happened to be the first I’m seeing since 2020 began. It was a good refresher as I had seen it before, sometime last year (Nov 2019) when it first came out on Netflix. I saw it again on Saturday, March 28, 2020, and I am glad I did.

I think it’s a MUST WATCH for every entrepreneur.

I was so thrilled as I sat watching the movie like I had not seen it before, as I sat and watched, many light bulbs were going on and off in my head.

Indeed, anyone can go from nothing to something, provided there’s a willingness to pay the price. 

Here are 10+ entrepreneurial lessons from the movie:

1. DREAMING BIG – You are never too old to chase and achieve your big dreams. Don’t ever feel like you’ve missed your shot, and your time has passed. You can still achieve your dream if you chase it.

2. FLEXIBILITY- Many roads lead to your desired destination. Don’t be rigidly fixated on one. Try the options available to you. Pivot if you have to, and then pivot again, and again, and again…if you still have to.

3. SHAMELESS & FEARLESS – Just as there’s no food for the lazy man, there’s also no stardom for the shy and fearful man. If you want to become a star, and to live your dreams, then you can’t be shy and fearful.

4. HARD WORK – My mum would always say: there’s a lot of work involved in preparing the snail. But you have to do the work if you want to eat the snail. In the same way friend, there’s a lot of work involved in entrepreneurship and you must be willing to do the work if you want the goodies of entrepreneurship. 

5. IDEATION & INNOVATION – Open your eyes, your ears and your mind to ideas. Many great ideas are just old stuff repackaged. But you must have a killer idea to know how to present this repackaged idea. If you have to condescend in order to perfect an idea, do it. 

6. CREATIVITY – Every step of the way, from ideation to packaging, to presenting, to marketing, to scaling…they all require creativity. And creativity isn’t necessarily originality, it could come from smart niching.

7. BOOTSTRAPPING – You won’t have all the resources at first. But you must be willing to make use of what you have, for what you have is enough.

8. FUNDRAISING – Except you have plenty of money stacked up, you must be willing to raise funds/capital for you to either activate or scale your idea. You don’t need plenty of money for a start, you just need enough money to push an idea that you have already tested, an idea that has a market waiting for it.

9. PERSUASION & PERSISITENCY – Everybody is busy and careful, especially concerning business and money. Therefore to get partnerships, great deals, secure opportunities, build a team, etc., you have to be persuasive and persistent. Build that skill to a point where it will be difficult for people to say ‘no’ to you.

10. MARKETING & NEGOTIATION – You may have a great product, but without great marketing, no one will know about it. To be a good negotiator and marketer, you must be brave, i.e., shameless. You can’t be shy about selling your product. 

11. LEADERSHIP & PARTNERSHIPS – Whether you want to be the star in your street or the light of the world, you will need to sustain the ability to build a team, and also build strategic alliances/partners.

12. SELLING & PACKAGING – Without a doubt, selling is one of the most important entrepreneurial skills. You need it to build teams, get partners, sell your vision, ideas, product…you need it every step of the way. Packing or branding is a very closely related skill. 

I could go on and on. There are so many other lessons you can learn from this movie, which by the way is based on a true story. 

Again I’d say; it will be a good watch, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

I don’t know when next I’d see another movie this year, and I am not asking you to spend your days of COVID-19 lockdown seeing movies, but if you must, choose your movies right. 

Use this period to build yourself, your business, a product, learn a skill, practice a skill, etc. Spend your time wisely. 

Meanwhile, if you’ve seen the movie, what were your biggest takeaways?