Meet Ben Chuks

Ben Chuks is a charismatic and inspiring thinker on a mission to educate and inspire people. He is sometimes mistaken as cocky and intimidating, but that’s far from reality as he can be very quiet and reserved. Ben wants to create and do work that creates positive change for people, brands, communities, and nations. Whether he is writing, speaking, consulting, or teaching, he wants his work to drive growth, create progress, and positive change.

Ben has interests in poetry, fiction, songs, and other forms of creative writing. He is passionate about teaching, sharing wisdom, and inspiring people from all over the world, and from all walks of life. His motivation is to create work that will not only be relevant to his generation but also relevant to many generations unborn.

Ben Chuks has an exceptional ability to communicate, inspire, teach, and motivate. He is a premium digital branding consultant, with skills and 5+ years of experience in web development, digital and content marketing, and copywriting. Ben has spoken at public events on subjects like WordPress, social media, personal branding.

In 2018, Ben was the 2nd runner up in the Export “33” Lager Beer #PenDownForFriendship short story competition. It was an event organized by the Nigerian Breweries to mark the 2018 World Friendship Day. The event got a lot of media coverage, and of course, Ben also wrote about his experience.  

Ben Chuks is a consultant at Ogaprint Digital (formally Koodu Creative)—a Lagos-based, branding, and digital marketing agency that has worked with brands of all sizes; counting some of the most influential business leaders and industry pacesetters as clients. 

Today, Ben Chuks actively creates content to educate and inspire people. And he is also available to work with creators, brands, and others on the same mission to educate and inspire people.

Ben Chuks on hat

Hi There!

Hi there, my name is Ben Chuks; I love God, I love people, and I love life. Of course, I love many other things in-between. My goal is to make the most out of the life that I’ve got, help people do the same, and live mine in honor and praise of God.

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