On Saturday 17th March, 2018, I took a session to talk about brand building for startups and their founders at the Startup Anambra’s #EmergingEntrepreneurs meet up. 

At that meet up, I met the gracious Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli (a SmartBcamper) who also took a session to talk about, sourcing, executing and mastering ideas, and the power of content creation as a strategy for business and career growth. It was truly awesome learning from her.

Before our sessions came up, while we were talking ‘behind the curtains,’ there was something critical to Personal Branding that she did mention, and I’ll love to address that in this episode of my Personal branding series.


In the last episode, I taught about crafting a “10 seconds Personal Branding Pitch,” and how it can be useful when we introduce ourselves to people. 

I’d like to give thumbs up to everyone who took the time to craft their Personal Branding Pitch. I’d also like to say quickly that a Personal Brand Pitch mustn’t be salesy or have any calls to action. 

And lastly, your Personal Branding Pitch should serve as your bio on all your social media profiles and integrated into your website’s copy. 



Miss Chidindu told of a client she once worked with, a Technician and a Computer Hardware Engineer who needed her expertise to boost sales and grow his business. 

While auditing his online presence, she found a major problem – it was inconsistent with his business, it was totally different from what he was and who he was offline.

Without going into too much details of what she found, I’d like to say that your online presence is a representation of you, a definition and a projection of you.

So therefore you must be very careful how you show up online, what you talk about, share, tagged on, etc. What you do online is public, and they send some kind of message our.

What kind of content do you flood your timeline with?

Your emotional issues, illicit jokes or pictures of your pool party with friends?

Are you aware that smart employers, individuals and businesses scan through the walls of whoever they are going to be working with before making a final decision on them?

If your role model or your dream office or your ideal client or whoever it is you respect was to scan through your wall, would he find a reason to do business with you?

Your content defines and projects you. “Content is king,” Bill Gates said. And believe me he understands that well. Be intentional with the content you create because it is doing something for or against you.

Get to work now and audit your online profiles. Delete everything that needs to be deleted; from the posts and pictures on your wall, to all the profile pictures that needs to go, take a professional picture to use as your profile picture.

Untag yourself from everything unnecessary. Better still set your account so that you get notified of tags and approve them before they show up on your wall.

Remember, if you don’t paint the right picture of you, people will pain a wrong one.

Get to work auditing your online presence now

Tell me, what will you do today and in the new week to better your online presence and to build a more intentional personal brand?

Will you go for a photo shoot, will you start creating thoughtful content, and how many will you create?

I’d create and publish more original content.

What will you do?