So because you asked their favor one time and the business failed, you don’t want to ask again, even though they are more than willing to help? 

Like seriously? 

Sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly when an idea we so much believed in and bragged about fails, and we  stop ourselves from moving forward with new ideas and possibilities.  

I am such a person that is always filled with ideas, ready to express and try them. And many times, people are more than willing to help me in any way they can in making my ideas become a reality. 

A lot of times my ideas have failed, sometimes due to wrong execution, sometimes due to wrong timing, sometimes due to a wrong strategy, amid several other reasons. But each time an idea fails, I learn and get better. 

But also, each time an idea fails, there’s a tendency to be apathetic towards the next idea that comes. But worse of all is the tendency to not involve the help of the right people anymore for fear of disappointing them AGAIN. 

But what I’ve learned is that people with reasonable experience with life aren’t even judging you as hard as you’re scolding yourself. They’re still more than willing to help you again and again. They understand how the system works. They understand life. They understand you. 

Failing is like falling. Do you stay down when you fall down? No, you don’t. Personally, I get up, I check to see what made me fall (so I can be more careful next time), I dust myself, and then I keep on moving. That’s the attitude to apply in chasing your dreams. 

You may fail and fall again and again. But don’t be afraid of failing again and again. Be afraid of not trying again and again.

Recently, I created a document I titled “Failed Attempts” and the things I listed in it so far aren’t up to 20. Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts to invent the light bulb, and he didn’t give up until he got it right. 

Have you failed that much? 

How many failed attempts can you count? 

Are you still making attempts or have you giving up?