How do you define success?

So you want to have the tallest building in the city, that’s great. But how do you intend to achieve that? 

By crushing down other people’s building, or by taking the time to build yours to be taller than others. 

We all want good things. We want to be the center of attraction in an area or two, but how we go about that reveals a lot about us. 

Great things take time. So if you want great things, also be ready to wait however long it will take to get it. 

You can’t ask for catfish pepper soup and not want bones with it. You have to deal with the bones. 

You desire something good and great, that’s fine. But you must deal with the time it will take for you to attain it. 

Don’t crush other people’s building down. Focus on building up your own higher and give yourself the required time it will take. 

Don’t define your failures by looking at someone else’s success. And don’t define your success by looking at someone else’s failures. 

Set your own goals and reach for them. Life becomes crystal clear when you stay focused. Focus on your building and not on that of others. Focus on your development. Focus on you. 

And when you’ve began to get the works done, GIVE YOURSELF TIME. 

See beyond the present. You might not be the guy to complete the building. Someone who believes in your vision could continue where you’d stop. 

Some of the big conglomerates we celebrate today are over 100 years old. They are still moving from glory to glory long after the original founders had gone. 

That’s why it’s important to build teams and never work alone. You may be the initiator, but you must soon pass on the baton to another person. 

So have a long view. 

Life is a race. But don’t think of it like a sprint or a marathon, think of it like as relay race. 

Give yourself time. 

Be exceptional.