Living is a deliberate act of being/becoming, doing/building, producing, and giving. Anything besides that is just mere existence; passing time. 

In 2019, make a plan to really live, and then stick to it; execute it. 

By December 31st 2019, 

  • Who would you have become? 
  • What would you have built? 
  • What would you have produced? 
  • What value would you have been known to give? 

Write them all down. And write 3 accomplishments (things you started and finished successfully) you would celebrate by this year’s end. 

Go to the end. Picture what you want. Count the costs. Come back to the beginning and dedicate your days to paying the price for what you want. 

I wish you a glorious and significant 2019. 

Happy New Year! 

I’m so glad you made it!