“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

— Bill Gates 

This is so true for many of us. Especially the young and inexperienced. You have great dreams and aspirations, that’s great. But you lack the most important thing — a long-term view. 

The seemingly sudden success of others, especially young fellows is making you set to achieve in one year what should take 10 years to build. 

Listen, it WILL take more time and more resources to build a 10km concrete bridge than it will take to build a 10 foot wooden bridge. 

What are you building? A structure that would only last your lifetime and be sufficient for you and your immediate family, or a structure that will sustain and establish tens, hundreds, thousands and millions of families, and would also remain standing like a mighty empire long after you’re gone? 

What are you building? 

Why are you in a haste and trying so hard to build a sky scraper in the same amount of time it will take build a small hut? 

It’s not possible. You must calm down. 

Revisit your goals and be realistic. Check it again with your personal vision and mission statement and be true to yourself. 

To my religious folks… 

I know about divine speed and quantum leaps, I believe in them. I believe in miracles and I believe in the miracle Worker. But I also believe in PRINCIPLES. And guess what, the miracle Worker is the One who set these principles. 

It is true that a miracle can suspend laws, but if you check well, you’d find principles behind many miracles. 

It’s in us as humans to follow principles and not try to work the miracle ourselves. It’s up to the miracle Worker to honor the principles and perform miracles. 

Be patient. Be circumspect. Appreciate time. Build your bridge. Lay a rock-solid foundation.  Build your skyscraper. Appreciate the fact that it’d take time before ruins and rubbles will turn around to become a glorious structure attracting the attention of all. 

Appreciate time. Use it to grow, to develop, to become. Use it and don’t waste it. It may seem as if nothing is happening, but something is happening underneath.

Be patient and trust the process. 

Be exceptional.