We live in an emotionally driven world, a world where people make judgments emotionally. People make judgment and decisions based on what they see, feel, hear, like, perceive, etc, and then they justify logically. 

That saying of “it doesn’t matter what people think about you” should never apply to a person’s overall personality.

There are people with great potential, who will never get a chance to use their potential because of the way they are “seen and perceived” by others.

The flip side is that some other persons may not have such great potential or competences, but they’ll enjoy so much opportunities and benefits because of the way they are “seen and perceived” by others.

So then your personal branding is crucial to your success and continuous successes.

Personal branding is about perception and judgment. People have certain perception about you and make decisions and judgment based on that. The perception they have may be true or false, and the judgment they make may be for or against you.

If you don’t paint a true picture of yourself, people will paint a false one for you.

Personal branding is all about taking control of how you are presented and perceived in the eyes and minds of others. Personal branding helps you take control of how people see you, think of you, value you, and talk about you.

A positive personal brand can set you up to be successful way faster than your equals, and sometimes, your seniors. If you’re in business it makes you preferred above others with weaker personal brands, it makes people pay you more without much talk.

A positive personal brand increases your influence and in some cases gives you big media exposures.

Personal branding shines the light in your reputation and uniqueness and ensures other people see you just the way you want. It shows people what they can expect from you.

Your personal brand speaks to the emotions of people, and makes them have the perception you want them to have. Your personal brand makes me know how I’ll feel if I meet with you or work with you.

Personal branding is about how you’re perceived by others. It doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what others think. People are judgmental, and that includes you and me. 

How people perceive you determines how they make decisions about you. Personal branding helps you take control of that so that people make the decisions that will benefit you. 

People make decisions emotionally. Perception is somewhat emotional. What people currently perceive of you right now may or may not be true, but they make decisions based on that. 

People with a positive personal brand gets jobs much easier, paid better, trusted more, hired faster, promoted faster, preferred and respected more than those who don’t.

How are you currently perceived by people?

Ask 5 different people who know you to describe you, let them sincerely tell you what they think of you, what they think you’re good at, what they can associate you with, and what makes you unique. 

The result you get is a picture of your current personal brand. And if you don’t like what you get, I’ll walk you through the process of building a positive personal brand.

Happy Branding