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Everyone wants to know their purpose and understand why they are here. To this end, many have been advised to follow their passion and talent. As good as it may sound; it’s actually a big problem and a difficult thing for a multi-talented person. Very difficult, I must emphasize. It leaves them confused, very confused. If you are a multi-talented person, or if you know any, then you can relate to what I am saying.

Yesterday, I was with a young man who is well on his way to 30. I and a friend engaged him in a discussion about his life, and one of the things he said as we began to talk was that he was still trying to “find his feet.”

That statement could mean one of two things; either he is trying to decide on what to pursue, or he is trying to be successful in a particular field. In the context of the discussion though, he meant he was trying to find what to pursue because he wasn’t really pursuing anything at the moment.

And before you get all judgmental saying how can a man approaching 30 not know what he wants to be doing with his life, allow me to tell you some of his abilities and passions. Maybe then you too can relate.

Let me begin by saying, he is passionate about the camera, and he has one. He loves photography, filmmaking, he is an actor, and has acted in a local movie; he loves music, and he is a singer/rapper, and a dancer too; he loves soccer, and he is highly skilled in the pitch; he likes entertainment, and wants to entertain people. Let me stop here. But there were a lot of things he said he could do, loved to do, and wanted to do – a lot of things.

And guess what, I could relate with him. And I know another friend who could also relate to that. We both are very talented in more than one area. He can do a lot of things, and very well too. And I too can do/be a lot of things, and very well too. But my friend and I aren’t living a confused life. I mean there was a time we were confused, but not anymore. And so I was able to give some him some counsel that I believe gave him some clarity and would help him if he acts on it.

So here are the four things I shared with him:

1. You cannot travel two or more paths at the same time – you have to choose one path and follow it.

I mentioned a few things he said he wanted to do and presented them to him as paths that lead to different destinations. I told him; if you follow the path of dancing, you will arrive at a destination different from where acting or singing or football will lead you to. The master jugglers of businesses today began juggling with just one object (business, path); they began with traveling one path and mastering it.

They may have a lot of things going on for them today, but that’s because they’ve been able to build capacity over the years. It’s a crazy thing for rookies to think they can come into the scene, or cause a scene by juggling many objects at the same time. They won’t because they will fail. Anyone who tries to travel many paths at the same time will see himself going round in a circle, and arriving nowhere. It is like trying to do too many things at the same time and still not have any done. Choose a path that defines you the most, and then walk and master that path with focus.

2. Don’t confuse purpose with passion.

Someone said “love is a signpost to where you belong,” and I agree. In fact, the complete quote is this;

“What do you love to learn about? What do you love to talk about? What do you love to hear about? What do you love to discuss with others? Love is a signpost to where you belong.”

Again, I absolutely agree. That’s the reason many have been advised to follow their passion.

But the problem remains that some people are more complicated than others. I believe that for most people, what we love (our passions) have a function to play in our journey/calling in life, but in themselves aren’t our calling/purpose. We need to be clear about this – your passion is not necessarily your purpose.

3. What do you know about yourself?

Some people are well educated, they know a lot of things about history, events, nature, nations, and people, but they know next to nothing about themselves. Many are confused and lost only because they know nothing about themselves. They are asking questions and looking for answers that are already in them. When I asked this young man what he knew about himself, I found that he knew nothing substantial about himself.

The young man didn’t know something as basic as his zodiac sign, and he didn’t also know his personality type. Now, I must say this; I don’t follow daily horoscopes, but I do encourage people to know their zodiac signs, it tells them a lot about themselves. Find yours at Astrology Zodiac Signs using your birth month and day.

I also direct people to to learn about their personality type. The site has a test you will have to take to help you learn what personality type you are. I advise taking this test more than once, and possibly at different days. It will surprise you how much of yourself you will get to know, and how that will impact your life’s journey. Know yourself!!!

4. Don’t confuse “job” with “work.”

The first three things I said was sufficient to help him gain clarity. But I had to bring up the matter of job and work. This is because when people are confused about their lives, they find it difficult to find a job, keep a job, or leave a present job for something far greater. Some even make up their mind not to be employed. But that’s just a decision made in a confused state.

And you know what’s funny? The young man didn’t have a job and hasn’t had a job for a long time. So I told him; a job is what you do to pay the bills and build your finances. While your work is what you do to impact others (which you’re still trying to find). Get a job and keep it. And when you find “work,” don’t quit your job. Because that thing you will call work will require some financing to make the work fun for you. So you must find a way to marry both until your work grows and begins to pay the bills.

These are the things I shared with the young man. and I’m sure you’d agree with me that being multi-talented is not a curse. It is a blessing as a matter of fact. But a blessing can become a curse when the bearer has no idea how to manage and make most of the blessings. If you are like the young man I spoke of in this article, then I hope what I shared here is helpful to you as it was to him.

Is there something I missed telling the young man, please let me know in the comment below. And kindly share this article until it reaches everyone who should read it.