Every opportunity to interact with someone is an opportunity to network and sell your brand/business.

I remember once having such an opportunity, it was a meet-up and we were all giving some time to interact and network. We’ve all had such opportunities; it’s always time to sell your personal brand and to also get sold to.

Those who don’t know how to sell, or what to sell will miss out on possible business opportunities, these opportunities may come directly on the spot or much later, or even based on a referral.

In this meeting where I was, a guy introduced himself to me as an Entrepreneur. That introduction was rather hilarious to me, I strongly felt he was selling the wrong thing; he was selling a title – that brings no business to his table.

I left that young man not knowing what he did, what his product(s) or service(s) was. Therefore he lost a possible opportunity of me patronizing him when I would need his product or service, or perhaps refer him to someone else who might require his expertise.

But while some people sell the wrong things that bring no business to them, some others have completely mastered the art of networking; they have mastered the art of introducing themselves in less than 10 seconds and still make a good impression; in less than 10 seconds and still leave their names, their profession, and the value they offer in the mind of their listeners.

Is that possible? You might ask. Absolutely!

In building your personal brand, the focus is not primarily on what you are – what you do, your profession. It’s more about who you are – how you’re making the world a better place, the value you offer. But they are all very important.

In building your personal brand, you’d network a lot, so you need to have in your arsenal, a “10-second personal brand pitch” that you can always use when introducing yourself.

When networking, you don’t always have all the time; you have only a few seconds to make a good impression. So you should be able in 10 seconds to introduce yourself and ask about the other person.

Well, there’s a really simple formula that can help you construct your “10-second personal brand pitch”.

Here’s the simple formula:

Your Name + What You Are + Who You Are = Your Personal Brand Pitch

  1. Your Name: your first and last name will do. You can use prefix titles that are important to you such as Pastor, Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.
  2. What You Are: your profession, what you do. Don’t tell us 10 things, 1 or 2 or at most 3 (related) things will do.
  3. Who You Are: how you’re making the world a better place, your value, the problem you’re solving, the people you’re helping, etc.

Here’s a framework:

Hi, my name is (first and last name), I’m a (your profession – 1 or 2), I help  (your audience / target market) with (your craft / your value / solution).

Craft your “10-second personal brand pitch” and you’d be more memorable to people when next you introduce yourself to them.

As you begin to craft your pitch, it begins to get better. As you begin to define your brand and come out to the light, your personal brand begins to get even clearer to you.

I’d like to say that your personal brand pitch is not rigid. As your brand grows, your focus, methodology, style, solution might change, so you’d always need to re-visit and update your personal brand pitch. But you shouldn’t always change it. Just keep growing and getting better.

Here’s my example:

Hi! My name is Ben Chuks, I’m a Personal Branding Consultant and a Social Media Marketing Strategist, I help individuals define, project and amplify their personal brands online.

Now this isn’t what it has always been, and it will keep getting updated as growth continues to happen.

Over to you!

It’s your turn; craft your 10-second personal brand pitch now and introduce yourself here and now.


May I know you?