If you don’t START now, you may never.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

The best and quickest way to start anything is…


You think there’s something more you need to learn? 

There’d always be. So just START! 

Listen, there’s no perfect business plan, product, book, business strategy, etc…

There’d always be room for improvement. So just START! 

Call it a beta test version, a volume 1, a trial version…. Anything you need to call it so you can get STARTED. 

Your feet gets strengthened as you take steps, even baby steps. 

Your message gets clearer to you and better in your mouth as you begin to share it.

Your vision gets clearer as you begin to move towards your dreams. 

There’s no perfect day, time or place to start other than now.

Dream BIG. But start where you can – where you are and with what you have.

As I say this to you, I’m also telling it to myself… START! 

Think forward. Imagine 10 years from now. Would you be living your dream, or would you look at your life and family, and wish you had STARTED earlier? 

That dream is possible. So many are already living it, and so can you. But you’d never know, you really never know UNTIL you START.