Are you over thinking life? 

These days, with all that is going on around us – the economy, our families, our lives, finances, etc., it’s easy to get overly worried. 

I’d tell you what… 

First of all, it’s not peculiar to you. The things that are happening to you is also going on in the lives of different people… Things unimaginable, happening all at once. 

These things can drive you mad  make you forgetful, hateful, depressed, etc  if you keep thinking about them. 

So what can you do? 

Okay. Thank God you are. I’d tell you what I’ll do, and actually, currently doing. 

1. Repent and turn to God (be born again if you haven’t). Turn to new ideas, turn to God, trusting Him. Many times we struggle is because we aren’t trusting or obeying God. Repent all you have to. Submit to God, be humble and to new ideas. If your old ideas and lifestyle haven’t been very helpful, change it. 

2. Fast and pray. Genuinely seek the face of God. Spend time with the word of God, in prayers, in listening to the right sermons. A word from God is sufficient to change your life. Spend time in the secret place of prayer, and study of the word. Go on PERSONAL RETREAT. 

3. Isolate yourself. Now I don’t mean you should avoid people. I mean isolate yourself from people and things that make you worry, and think, and wonder if you’re wasting your time. Stay away from any form of toxicity, be it people or things. There are people or things that make your anxiety increase after spending time with them in any little way. Stay away from all such. 

4. Change your value systems. This can be done by changing your associations, spending time with the Holy Spirit, learning the word of God, reading good books, meeting new and forward thinking people, talking to a counselor, mentor or pastor, etc. Talk to someone who can lead, correct and teach you. 

5. Keep developing yourself. Always be on the mission to increase your capacity. Learn new things, try new things and / or gain mastery in the things you’ve been doing… Always be excellent as much as you can… Always fight mediocrity. Build new and better relationships.

6. Be patient. Time is something we young people of these days don’t recognize it’s value and place, and try so hard to beat it. No. Great things happen with time. There’s a LAW OF PROCESS, and it flies on the WINGS OF TIME. You may do all I have listed, but if you aren’t patient, then you may never truly experience the change you desire. 

7. Be happy. Choose to be happy. Worry is a suggestion. So also is anxiety and depression. They all come as a suggestion, and then people decide on it. Suggest happiness and joy to yourself. And the best kind of joy is the joy of the Lord. Be happy, but not stupid or foolish. Don’t go indulging in the wrong things in the name of happiness. Don’t do that. 

All can be well, and all will be well. Recognize the place of God in your life. You need Him. Stop compromising. Also recognize the place of healthy and valuable relationships. 

May your 2020 be filled with growth, great results and joy. 

God bless you.