Wisdom is better than strength.

Do you agree?

I’m not trying to start a debate, I just want to get your opinion, because I know that there’s been a lot of debate about whether or not it is true. And by the way, that was a quote from King Solomon, who in my opinion was the strongest King in his time – though he didn’t fight a single battle.

But what if he did fight battles, battles that didn’t involve bows and arrows, but wisdom and intellect? If there was one thing that marked the reign of King Solomon, it was peace. The holy script called him a Man of Peace, 1 Chron 22:9

Though King Solomon was famous for his wisdom, he was a man that stood for peace, and it reflected in the way he judged matters that were brought to him.

And that is the second lesson:


King Solomon was famous for his wisdom, but he stood for peace. He could have been a warlord, and with his wisdom conquer every other kingdom, and still be famous for his wisdom (his unique feature). But no, he stood for peace.

If you look well in our society today, you’ll find personal brands that are famous for their unique feature (business, talent, movie, music, expertise, etc), and are also known to stand for something, which mostly is for the good of the society or humanity at large.

Bill Gates, for example became famous for his accomplishments in the software industry, and the wealth it brought him at an early age. But he also stands for the higher purpose of making the world a better place, which he does through philanthropy; funding education, medical research, et al.

As you begin to build your personal brand around your talent, gifts, experience, community services, etc, you would need to stand for something. But you mustn’t get all worked up at this, because for many, it won’t be clear what it is they should stand for until much later in their career.

In building a personal brand, at first, you’d be focused at devising a profitable business strategy, and solidifying it. But there’d come a time to look into developing a growth strategy, that’s when it’d be more important to stand for something beyond what you may already be known for.

Every successful personal brand is dedicated to personal growth and development. And sustainable growth is based on a firm foundation. For most cases, what you are going to stand for will depend mostly on your personality. And how far and wide you spread your personal brand will depend on the strength of your personal brand strategy, your capacity and passion.

Now back to the quote from King Solomon:

Wisdom is better than strength.

I think I’d agree with him. With all of his accomplishments and wisdom, he must have said that out of experience. I totally agree with him.

But that’s my opinion. What’s yours; do you think the quote is correct?


Wisdom is better than strength.