Does being a high profile personality sound great to you? I bet it does. But what if the process of being a high profile personality is actually very simple and doable? Would you get on with it?

If becoming a high profile personality is a great thing, then I’d like to think it would hardly happen by accident, because not many great things do. But like many great things, there is a process, a pattern, or a blueprint. As it is said, “success leaves clues.” This is true.

Our case has been about becoming a notable personal brand, and the case study has been King Solomon. Now notable personal brands are notable because they are high profile personalities. And so was King Solomon.

To have a position attracting much attention or publicity, that’s what it means to be high profile – just in case you are wondering. But how does one get there?

Well, that’s the third lesson you should learn from King Solomon:


Those who are highly profiled are often highly prolific. In simple terms, to be prolific is to produce (to be productive). And in our case (personal branding), what you need to produce is “value,” majorly in the form of content – and you need to produce a lot of it.

I bet you’re thinking now that this is quite simple, logical and true – become highly prolific, and become a high profile personality. If this is your thought, you are correct. It is simple. But the fact that it is simple doesn’t mean it is easy. And as a matter of fact, it is not easy
Producing value – content – is one thing a lot of people find really hard to do. Some of us struggle with creating content, and many others neglect or downplay the art of marketing their content. Even those who can easily create content sometimes find it hard to be consistent (I too do struggle with this).

Bill Gates said “content is king.” I agree. Everyone does. The only thing is that this king is for most people very difficult to tame or master or serve. Picking up clues from King Solomon and other successful personal brands out there, there are about 7 Cs you need to be aware of in building your own successful brand.

Let me introduce you to the 7 Cs of being prolific with content creation and distribution:

1. Calling – This is that unique feature I pointed out in the first lesson. For King Solomon, it was his wisdom about life in general. To you, it could be anything (refer to the first lesson for more understanding). You need to know this first before you get on with creating content – your content will be based on it.

2. Content – Once you’ve found your calling, then you can begin to create content. And remember that we are talking about value when we talk of content. Your content must give value to the target audience your calling gives you to serve. King Solomon had words of wisdom.

3. Concept – A lot of other guys are creating content too, so you ought to be creative with your content creation. Develop a creative signature content style. King Solomon delivered his wisdom in the form of parables and quotes.

4. Center – After you create your content, you need distribution centers. This should include your blog, social media channels, and other media outlets. Know your centers and syndicate them. King Solomon had his palace as his major distribution center.

5. Consistency – Continuity is very important. Without it nothing great can be built. It calls for diligence and dedication. King Solomon kept being prolific till he was no more, and his works are still here with us.

6. Community – Remember our definition of being high profile – having a position attracting much attention and publicity. That is what happens when you consistently create and distribute and market your creative content – you begin to get attention. As that begins to happen, you have a duty to convert that attention to a community – your community. For King Solomon, his community was his kingdom, and the royal families of other kingdoms.

7. Commerce – This last one probably shouldn’t be here, but I figured it would be worth mentioning. High profile personalities can easily monetize their brand. Distribute your best value for free and consistently, and you’ll see people consult and pay you for your expertise. King Solomon was one of the wealthiest King ever. Many kings and queens came privately to consult him, and they brought extravagant gifts (pay) with them that altogether increased King Solomon’s wealth.

Those are the 7 Cs. You should begin working with it. And remember, being highly prolific is a way to become a high profile.

– B.C. 

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