700 wives (of royal birth) and 300 concubines… OMG!

Serious stuff! But I’d like to think that most of those wives “chased” Solomon, and not the other way round. And they somehow found their ways into his life as his wives.

No offense to the ladies, but that just what I think it is. I don’t think King Solomon would have had the luxury of time traveling hundreds of kingdoms to marry hundreds of wives for himself, because the man was busy “at home” meeting with Kings and Queens always visiting and consulting him.

Many of these kings and queens would have visited King Solomon with their sisters, cousins, daughters, or nieces. And these other ones would doubtless come with intentions that made them never stop at eyeing Solomon, giving him all the green lights they knew how to.

And Solomon being who he was – a very “natural man of peace” (for those who understand) did what he did – marry them all – to keep peace with all the kingdoms. And that is what happened. Yes, I know there are lots of theories regarding why he married so many wives. I’m not disputing any of those, I’m just adding mine.

There was something about Solomon that made all those ladies of royal birth throw themselves at him. It’s the name, wisdom, fame, wealth, and power he had right? It may be so, but not entirely true. There was something else he had. And that’s the fourth lesson for today:


King Solomon was a very likeable person. And that’s why even the 700th wife didn’t mind that he already had 699 wives – she screamed “Yesss, I thought you’d never ask”. Being a likeable person makes you a magnet, everyone that comes in contact with you, stay glued to you – they’d come close and wouldn’t want to leave.

So How Do You Become More Likeable?

1. Be authentic. Be the real you, never try to be anything or anyone other than you.

2. Be attractive. Work on your appearance, your body carriage, your communication. Make yourself attractive.

3. Be empathetic. See the world from other people’s perspective.

4. Find common ground. Leverage opportunities to discuss to find things you have in common with your new friend, colleague, follower, etc.

5. Be genuinely interested in others. Be more selfless, and more mindful of listening, and showing interest in their stories and ideas.

6. Be well mannered. Respect the least and the greatest person you come in contact with.

If you’re going to build a powerful personal brand, you’d need to be a very likable person. And that doesn’t mean putting up an act, it actually starts with being your real self.
Happy branding!


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