I believe one of the major reasons why businesses “open shop” every day is to make sales. Businesses, offline or online needs to make sales, and every business and business owner knows at least one strategy that always brings in the sales.

Whether you run a full product/service based online businesses, or you just leverage the internet to generate sales for your traditional offline business, what I’m sharing today is true for offline and online businesses.

Let me begin by sharing these facts about making sales, that’s what staying in business is majorly about – making the sales.

#1 – Sales Come From People

People buy from people. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t use your name as your business name, and it doesn’t matter that you use chat bots to power your PR, if your business is not “humanized” you may be losing sales. Being human matters.

Whether you’re running a B2B or B2C business, every business is a P2P (People to People) business. So then, find ways to humanize your business; the voice and face of your business. 

#2 – People Buy From People They Know, Like, and Trust

Here’s another fact: 99.9% of people buy ONLY from people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. This is what is referred to as the KLT factor in selling. It is a natural phenomenon. So you should do a good job to give your business a human voice and face. 

Multinationals often sign huge endorsement deals with personal brands. That’s smart, that’s humanizing a business – they want to make sales. Some Founders of other multinationals build their own personal brands to be the voice and face of their business. Think Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezoz, Richard Brandson, etc. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Creating the Coca Cola Effect.

So to make sales, you’ve got to 

1. Humanize your business, and

2. Build the KLT factor

If done well, tactically and strategically, it could create what I call the “Coca Cola Effect.” This effect I’m talking about keeps sales coming constantly to you, sometimes without marketing. 

What do I mean?

You know how people can unknowingly call or associate every soda drink with Coca Cola? Well, that’s what I call the “Coca Cola Effect.” Similar effects that would be more familiar to you is the “Indomie effect,” – calling every other instant noodle Indomie. Or the “Omo effect,” – calling every detergent Omo.

The idea is to tactically and strategically build your brand in such a way that a particular subject, business, product or service is quickly associated with you at the mention of it or at the mention of your name. 

When I mentioned Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezoz, Richard Brandson, I believe other names like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Virgin Airlines may have come to mind. That’s the power of personal branding, which I have been writing on for some weeks now. 

This effect can be created in almost every niche or industry. However, this type of effect can’t be created overnight; it takes work and patience to say the least. But for those willing to put in the work, here are some things you can begin to do today:

1. State your values clearly and stay focused on them

2. Communicate your values effectively and consistently 

3. Connect and stay connected emotionally with your people 

4. Be very visible, relevant, and consistent

These are just an overview, I could write an entire book on the subject. But as simple as there may seem here, if you commit to practicing them, you would be building 

1. Authority 

2. Credibility 

3. Community 

4. The KLT factor that gets you more sales, and ultimately, you’d be building

5. The “YOU Effect”

Happy Easter!

Happy Branding!

Happy Rising!

PS: If you understand what I mean by the “Coca Cola, Indomie, and Omo Effects,” tell me in the comments what other effects you can relate with it, and would you like to have such an effect?