PURPOSE VS VISION – What’s Most Important?

PURPOSE VS VISION – What’s Most Important?

I once heard a dear lady, speaking to an audience of more than a thousand persons, say “you have no business getting married if you haven’t discovered your purpose.”

Then I thought to myself, just how true is that?

Well, the idea isn’t original with her, it is conventional. And we’ve all heard it been echoed a lot of times by a lot of folks (well-meaning folks).

Many conventional statements like that are reasons why people get more confused and depressed, after listening to some keynotes, podcasts, sermons, etc.

They usually would sound nice and acceptable, but how practically true are they?

You have heard people say if you don’t have PURPOSE, you have no business doing this or doing that. Some have made you feel you shouldn’t be alive if you don’t have a purpose to be alive.

Sounds nice right?

But that’s not exactly how it is. I used to believe many of these conventional ideas myself, until recently.

Now I can confidently tell you that it’s okay if you don’t know your purpose just yet.

Do you remember the story of Joseph the dreamer in the Bible?

What young Joseph had is what I would say everyone must have, and that’s A DREAM (desires, vision).

What you wrote down as your purpose 5 years ago, you might have changed 10 times already. Don’t feel bad. That’s okay. Keep dreaming. That’s actually what you’re doing – DREAMING.

Now back to the case of Joseph. Starting in life, he didn’t know his peculiar purpose, he only knew his dream.

His only purpose was the general purpose and duty of man, which is to fear God and keep His commandments. And this purpose applies to you and me.

What gets people LIVING (being responsible and intentional) isn’t a purpose, it’s a vision (dream, desires, aspirations)

God gives you what gets you running. And that’s a vision (dream).

He says to write it and make it plain so that whenever it is read (or remembered), it will activate your feet (and that of others) to run (in pursuit of it).

VISION is what gets you on your feet, running. And PURPOSE is what you find in the pursuit of a vision.

Let me say that again.

Vision is what gets you started. And purpose is what you find in the pursuit of a vision. It is one of the things that gives fulfillment.

Until Joseph became a prime minister, actively serving in the government of Egypt, he didn’t know the particular purpose for his existence.

But in pursuit of his dream (of greatness), he lived with the general purpose of man.

As a 17-year-old teenager, he told his brothers HIS DREAMS. Now as a man (in his late 30s or early 40s), he told his brothers HIS PURPOSE – to save and preserve life.

Now that purpose is God’s, but we can also call it joseph’s purpose because he fulfilled it.

Everyone has a dream. But not everyone knows their purpose when they are starting life. Hold on to your dream and keep running.

I do personally believe that both DREAMS and PURPOSE come from God, and it comes in different ways.

If you aren’t running (living with a goal in mind, intentionally) it could be that you have lost sight of your vision. If you have a vision book, go and pick it up.

It could also be that you need to broaden your horizons, to expose your mind to new and greater possibilities. So get to it.

Read books, attend seminars, listen to podcasts, sermons, watch videos, make new and better connections, pray, and come out of sleeping mode and your comfort zone.

The world is yours for the taking.

Dream! And then, run.

Be exceptional.