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There was a man named Steve. Steve was the only child of a single mother whose biggest dream was to go on a ship cruise. Steve was a very reserved man, and so was his mother. He didn’t have any friends, he had only his mother. 

After years of procrastinating, Steve decided to take his mother on that ship cruise, fulfilling her longtime dream. They would go from New York to Paris and back. They didn’t have much, but Steve was able to save up to get the tickets for the cruise. 

During the cruise, they both longed to partake of the numerous breakfast, brunch, launch, evening balls, movie, and dinner but didn’t. They had come along with some wafers, biscuits and other crunchy snacks to last them for weeks. 

They didn’t mind that they couldn’t afford the well-decorated delicacies because they were onboard the ship, enjoying the view and the cruise. 

After many days in the open sea, they anchored at New York where they had started. As people began to make their way out, a crew member ran up to them;

“Good day sir and madam. My name is Nate Trevor. I couldn’t help but notice that you both didn’t take part in any of the activities. I hope it’s not any fault of ours.”

“Oh no, it’s not. You see, my son could only afford the tickets. We didn’t have extra money for all that, but we took care of ourselves. Thanks.”

The old lady said and turned to leave with her son. Nate Trevor was stunned. But he managed to snap back to reality and ran up to them;

“It is obvious you guys didn’t attend the orientation,” Nate said and searched for answers in their eyes. 

“I-i-i didn’t think it was necessary, so I told my son not to bother.”

“Oh my! You should have! At least that way you would have known that every meal, ball, movies and other activities that took place during the cruise were free of charge. Your tickets covered for all of it.”

With that, Nate Trevor gave a deep sigh, turned and left. Stunned and speechless, Steve’s mom turned to her son and turned back to Nate Trevor who was still walking back to the ship. 

She and her 30-year old son couldn’t make a move or speak a word. She kept looking at the ship, and Steve kept looking at her mom and occasionally glance at the focus of her attention – the ship.