Once upon a time…

Two sons, a set of twins was born to a very wealthy, powerful and wise king. They both had and enjoyed the same privileges. They had the same quality of education, the same level exposure, and the same connections and the same love from their parents. 

40 years later, one son turns out to be a fool, to be very dependent, constantly broke, a drunk, shame, and reproach to his father and to the entire kingdom. The other son, however, turns out to be the pride of his father and the kingdom, a hero, a warrior, a wise and powerful prince that would make a great king.  

In the same kingdom, about the same time that the royal twins were born, two sons, also a set of twins was born to a very poor man who lived in a shelter because he didn’t have a home. This man wasn’t only poor, he was also foolish, wicked and lazy. He didn’t care for his wife or for his two sons. He only cared for himself and survived by begging and by doing dirty hand jobs for people. And he always spends everything he gets drinking and being drunk. He was known in the kingdom as the drunk beggar. 

40 years later, one of his sons turns out to be like his father; always drunk and always begging. The other son, however, turns out to be the wealthiest merchant of the kingdom, who became the king’s son-in-law by marrying the king’s daughter, the princess. And brother-in-law to the wise and powerful prince that would one day become the king.

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The story continues in your mind from here. And your duty is to pick some lessons to journey with. 

What do you think about the royal twin boys and the poverty-stricken twin boys? What do you think made the difference in how their lives turned out? 

First off, you would agree with me that it wasn’t anything external. Some very wealthy people have children they aren’t proud of. And some who were once poverty-stricken have children they are very proud of. Whatever made the difference must have come from within, and not primarily without. 

Life is fair in that it always gives us what we ask for. But we may not be fair to ourselves if we fail to learn and master the laws of life, the principles of success and their implementations. The point of birth to the point of death is a journey. How you travel is a reflection of what you know, believe and practice. 

If the wise and celebrated prince turned out so because he was trained by the best, how would you justify his foolish twin brother who turned out to be an exact opposite even though he had the same things his brother had? 

If the poor and drunk son of the Pauper turned out so because his dad was also a poor drunkard and because he lived in the slum of the kingdom, what would you then say about his twin brother who inherited the same poverty, dad and community he inherited. 

There must be something more. 


•    Affluence may be inherited, but true influence can only be earned

•    Poverty may be inherited, but true prosperity can also be earned

•    Glory may be inherited, but it could also be lost 

•    Shame may be inherited, but it can also be lost 

•    How you start is not as important as how you end 

•    Where you are starting from does not determine how you will end 

•    It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, but it matters what you’re going with 

Add some of yours in the comments. . . 

To your exponential growth and greatness,

Ben Chuks

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