WHAT TYPE OF DREAMER ARE YOU? [2 Types of Dreamers]

WHAT TYPE OF DREAMER ARE YOU? [2 Types of Dreamers]

Everybody dreams and sleeps, everybody wakes and works, but there are still differences. Some people dream on their feet and with their eyes wide open, while others dream in their sleep.

Sleeping dreamers dream with both eyes shot, fast asleep, snoring and at rest. They are not aware of their environment – trends, opportunities, and threats. They know nothing but their dream.

Sleeping dreamers never wake up to knowledge and work, they only wake up to nightmares – real-life nightmares.

The running dreamers on the other hand never sleep. They are aware of their environment and are constantly positioning themselves for opportunities to help them live their dreams.

Running dreamers dream with their eyes wide open, on their feet – running. And they are on the run to achieve their dreams

Running dreamers are constantly pursuing their dreams, taking notes, learning, growing and becoming better.

How are you dreaming? On your feet or in your bed?

Are you a sleeping dreamer or are you a running dreamer?

The best way to dream is with your eyes wide open and on your feet running.

My people are sleeping. Sleeping and dreaming.

If you don’t wake up now, you will wake up in 10 years to a nightmare and in tears. I don’t want that for you.

Young people too can chase their dream. You’re not too young to chase your dream. In fact, stop telling yourself you’re young. Wake up and check the time. Life is too short to stay young forever.

If you miss it now in the prime of your youth, you will hate your life in 10 years’ time. The people that will feature and matter in that future (spouse, kids, etc) will also hate the life you have given them.

For those of us that didn’t enjoy goodies growing up, did you think our parents wanted to give us an average and mediocre life? No. didn’t.

Our parents too had dreams, but they never got to work on their dreams – MOST OF OUR PARENTS WERE SLEEPING DREAMERS. That explains the life they gave you.

Stop blaming your parents. Love them. And wake up now so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes they made and have your kids blaming you too. Break that circle today.

Stop being a sleeping dreamer. Wake up and take responsibility for your life and stop blaming others for your misfortune.

Just in case you haven’t thought of it, there are more shameful and demeaning misfortunes that are coming your way, and will hit you hard if you don’t wake up now.

Wake up and run. Be a running dreamer.