“You can’t see the full picture if you’re in the frame.” – John Obidi. 

I wish I could see the full picture, even if… But that’s just not how it works. 

I have never met or read about anyone that saw the full picture (of course, except the God incarnate). 

We don’t get the full clip, but we do get snapshots. And those snapshots (glimpse) gives us an idea where we’re headed. But when do we get there?

Again I’d use Joseph the dreamer as a case study here. 

He had dreams which depicted greatness, but he surely didn’t know exactly what it was, how it will come about, and WHEN. And that’s the purpose of this post today. 

You’re not exactly sure how and when your big dreams will come true. It’s okay. You’re not stupid. 

I could say that if you know exactly how and when it will be, then your dream may not be such great a dream. 

I’m talking about a personal, deep-rooted conviction you have about your destiny.

First, Joseph’s dreams were big and audacious. But that’s also because they didn’t come primarily from him. God gave him his dreams. 

Do your ideas and aspirations scare you and make people laugh and mad at you? Well, now you know why! 

It happened with Joseph, his dreams brought enmity between him and his brothers, ONLY BECAUSE HE SHARED HIS DREAMS WITH THEM. (And it was a good thing he did).

A dream is like a vision, one of its primary purpose is to get you ON YOUR FEET AND RUNNING. Hence, write it and make it plain. Don’t be afraid to share it.

But hey, there’d be all kinds of running. 

Your dreams will get you running. It will give you direction. 

Some who read the vision will run with you, but some will want to run you out and down. That’s okay too. Every kind of running your dream causes is good, even if it doesn’t appear so. 

It’s good to note that Joseph stayed connected to the Source of his dreams – God. And that determined his response to the circumstances around him. He lived a life devoted to God in a foreign land where that wasn’t trendy. He was being driven by a dream. 

People only misbehave where and when there is a lack of dreams and visions.

Most importantly, Joseph had his dreams at 17 (as a teenager), but they came to be fulfilled over 20 years later.

Also, note that 13 years of those 20 years weren’t pleasant. But he waited, he was patient and faithful to his faith. 

You dig? 

You have got great dreams, you can describe it but you can’t explain how and when it will ultimately come to pass. Your current situations may not even help matters. 

You’re not alone. 

I don’t have a full picture of my destiny, and I don’t know exactly how and when my dreams would come to pass. But those dreams keep me going, alongside the promises of God.  

If I tell you that I have it all planned out, I LIE TO YOU. I don’t have it all planned out. 

Most times, great things don’t happen by design, they just unfold. 

The path of the just is like a shining light that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day. 

Your best days are ahead of you. Don’t be bitten and smitten because of the happenings around you. Chill. Everyone has their time.

We all will bloom and blossom in our time. We are all of different stock.

Unrealistic expectations and misinformation can lead to perpetual frustration and depression. And worse of all – suicide. 

You may have to wait, and it may take 10 years, more or less before you finally arrive. YES! That’s the truth!

Wait with knowledge and understanding, don’t lose sight of your dream. Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t betray your vision, your values, and your faith. Stay faithful.

You will arrive in your time, and when you do, you’d be glad you waited.

All will be well.